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fic- "Time Heals" (NC-17, Complete, SGA, Ties that Bind) Part 12 (final section)

Time Heals
by CJ aka WritinginCT  (NC-17)

Fandom: Stargate SGA
Pairing: multiple m/m (primarily OC's), m/f, m/m/f
Warnings: rape/ torture recovery (non graphic descriptions of the assault itself)
Categories: Drama, romance, friendship, family, BDsM.
Disclaimer: I don't own the recognizable characters I'm just inspired by them.
Status: Complete 6/08/2011 53200 words
Summary: Time may have healed their bodies, but for two damaged men assigned to Atlantis, it will take meeting each other to truly become whole again.

Note: Set, with permission, in the alternate SGA universe The Ties That Bind created by keiramarcos , which was inspired by xanthe 's works Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard.

Thanks to singletailwhip for the grammar beta! She's a master comma wrangler and error catcher!

Special thanks to Keira for letting me play in her sandbox and her support and beta. I adore the TTB series and I'm so excited to have permission to be a part of it- thank you, Keira!


The next day, however, brought a new crisis when Scott Holland kidnapped Dr. McKay. Their appointment with Beckett was forgotten in the fray as Carmine and the other SEALs all readied their dive gear and headed for the jumpers, hoping against hope to find the downed jumper.

Joey and Corporal James readied all the equipment they thought could possibly be asked for, but an underwater recovery just wasn't their area of expertise and all they could do was worry and await news, the same as everyone else on the city.

A very dead Scott Holland was recovered, and an agonizingly long time later, the news spread that they had found Dr. McKay, a little beaten up, but alive.

Carmine had two very shaken subs to soothe that night, both Joey and Katie were very upset by the events of the day. They ate a quiet dinner in Carmine and Joey's quarters. Carmine then spent the rest of the evening with each of them tucked under an arm on the couch, a movie playing that none of them really watched. As it got later, Katie seemed to cling to Carmine even harder, not wanting to go back alone to her quarters.

The three of them hadn't played yet. They were supposed to have played together for the first time the night before, but the news of the healing wand had made them all agree to push it off until after their appointment with Beckett. Now tonight, none of them were in the mood to play.

Carmine turned and pressed a kiss to the side of Katie's head and asked gently, "Do you want to stay with us tonight?"

Katie nodded and replied softly, "Please."

"Okay," he said and turned to Joey, "Let's get ready for bed. Grab a toothbrush and one of my t-shirts for Katie to sleep in."

"Yes, sir," Joey replied and eased off the couch to do just that.

In short order, the three of them were soon snuggled under the covers, Carmine on his back with a submissive under each arm. They slept.

It didn't surprise Carmine that both of them had nightmares at some point in the night. Joey's was a relatively minor one that he quickly woke from at Carmine's gentle shake of his arm. Katie's however, was a doozy.

She flailed about and begged, "Please, let me go Dr. Kavanaugh, please...."

Carmine stroked her arm and said gently, "Katie. Time to wake up. You're having a nightmare. Katie."

The dream had a hold of her though, and wasn't letting go. She fought against Carmine and the blankets and ended up on the floor, finally waking up. She was panicked and breathing hard and absolutely terrified.

Joey quickly turned on the light, and from the bed he and Carmine gave her a moment to realize where she was. Finally Carmine asked, "You okay?"

Looking ready to cry, she looked up at the two men. "No. He had me and wouldn't let me go. He took me away from Atlantis... somewhere cold and dark. No one came to find me."

Carmine was off the bed in an instant. He knelt in front of Katie and said, "Little one, I will always come for you. Always. To the edge of the fucking universe if I have to, and you know that there are people here that will help me figure out how to go further than that if I have to."

Katie sobbed and Carmine pulled her into his arms and held her tightly and let her cry. Joey got out of bed and gently draped a blanket around Katie before kneeling beside Carmine, his hand finding Katie's.

When Katie had finally quieted, Carmine cleared his throat and asked, "Dr. McKay had mentioned that you had been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh treatment in the past, Dr. Kavanaugh's handiwork I presume?"

Katie nodded against his chest.

"Katie, you never, ever have to worry about him again. He's long gone and in jail back on Earth. I'm going to know where that fucker is for the rest of his life I promise you. And if by some fluke he ever got out of jail, he would be a dead man if he came with a mile of you." Carmine pulled back so he could see her eyes, and continued, "That's a promise, little one."

He pulled her back in toward his chest, glad she couldn't see his face and his expression when she admitted, "He used to say I was just a whore, just a hole for him to use. And that I must be useless even for that because no Dom had collared me."

Carmine met Joey's eyes, both men fuming at her words. Joey's eyes went to the dresser and back to Carmine. Carmine gave him a little nod and Joey quietly got up and went to the dresser, coming back with a square flat box.

Carmine got to his feet and sat on the edge of the bed, taking Katie with him. "Katie, I can't erase what that bastard said or did, just like I can't fix what Borden did to Joey. All I can do is work to build the trust between us. You are incredibly beautiful, and smart, and funny. And you're someone who Joey and I are both honored and surprised that would want to be with us. You've got a gracefulness and light in you that brings amazing gentleness into our lives. I told Joey before I collared him that it wasn't just about sex or dynamics between he and I, that I wanted to build a life with him and it's the same with you. We both care about you and we're already halfway in love with you. Joey and I picked this out the other day." He nodded to Joey who opened the box to reveal a simple, but beautiful gold ladies' collar that one of the supply rats had on hand. "This is where I see us heading. It's not just play, Katie, we want you to be part of us, permanently."

She reached out towards the collar with shaking fingers. She looked between Joey and Carmine and asked, "You want to collar me?"

Carmine answered, "Yes, when you're ready."

Katie looked to Joey who gave her a little smile and said, "We want you to be part of our family, Katie."

Kate looked at him incredulously, she knew what family meant to Joey, it wasn't a word he threw around lightly.

She looked back to the collar in the box and wanly grinned a little. "I have to admit that I was afraid that after our three months that you might not want me around any more. I didn't let myself hope for this."

"And now, little one?" Carmine asked playfully.

Katie looked to him and gave him a blinding smile. "I'm ready."

Katie stood and dropped the blanket and without hesitation pulled the baggy t-shirt over her head and knelt wearing only her skin in front of Carmine.

Joey knelt next to her and held the box up for Carmine.

With no further words said, Carmine picked up the collar and deftly clasped it around Katie's neck. As the lock clicked shut, all three had a sense that everything had finally fallen into perfect place for them.

The rest of the night passed in a haze of hands and mouths and pleasure given and received as the three of them connected physically for the first time. It was a gentle and sensual beginning to their relationship.

As Carmine drifted off to sleep, ending his night the way it had begun, with a submissive under each arm, his hands were gently stroking each of their backs. Katie's was smooth and soft as silk, Joey's was soft with lean muscles and Carmine's fingertips could pick out the lines between his scars. As the nights event's replayed in his head, Carmine realized that all three of them were scarred, Katie's were just on the inside where no one could see. And just as he had had the confidence that he could be the Dom to rebuild Joey's self-esteem, he knew that he and Joey could repair the emotional damage Katie tried to hide.

Carmine fell asleep with a little grin on his face.


A week later, Carmine had his clothes off and was sitting on a towel on an out of the way pier, enjoying the sun. His newly healed skin was a little lighter than the rest and he was trying to even it out. It had taken hours to heal his face and the majority of his scars. He would need to go back for another, shorter round of healing to finish up some of the deepest scars, but the transformation was amazing.

Joey was in a pair of swim trunks and sitting between Carmine's legs. Carmine's sure hands were smoothing sunscreen on Joey's now smooth back. Joey's healing had been complete, the wand going so far as to even out the skin tone of the healed area. It was as if the vile scar had never existed.

Carmine reached around with his slippery fingers and teased one of Joey's nipples as he leaned forward and sucked on Joey's earlobe. He slipped his free hand into Joey's swim trunks and found his cock very hard and interested. The healing wand had worked exactly has Carson had promised it would.

He worked Joey's cock and nipple simultaneously and said huskily in Joey's ear, "You said once that you used to like to have sex in public. How'd you like to take a ride on my cock out here where everyone can see?"

Joey groaned and replied, "Your will is mine, sir." He quickly stood and shamelessly shucked his swim trucks, his erection now solid and leaving no doubt that he was aroused.

Joey fished a tube of lube out of the small duffle bag next to them and knelt between Carmine's legs and thoroughly slicked his cock. A moment later he was situating himself to slowly ease himself down on it. They set a slow, lazy pace that matched their lazy, lounge in the sun day and Carmine amused himself by touching Joey everywhere but his cock. Joey was soon almost mewing, so turned on he didn't know which way was up, his cock ruddy and leaking with need.

"Please, sir... please," Joey begged.

"I've got you," Carmine promised and finally wrapped a firm grip on Joey's aching cock.

Carmine forced Joey to keep that same slow pace and it built Joey's release to a fever pitch. "I'm coming, sir. I'm coming," he gasped out as strong stripes of come hit Carmine's chest.

Carmine's hands moved to the formerly scarred area of Joey's back, his sensitive fingers finding no trace of the horrific scar. When that thought registered in his brain, his own release hit him like a truck and he pressed up as hard and deep into Joey as he could.

They flopped back and mopped themselves off with a towel.

A little giggle from their left made both men turn their heads.

Katie was lounging on her own towel, the sun glinting off her collar, a mix of amusement and lust evident in her eyes as she looked at the two men.

Carmine worked hard not to compare either Joey or Katie to Lisa, but sometimes it was hard. Like now, Lisa would have had a flare of jealousy in her eyes that she had been excluded, but not Katie. Katie loved watching Joey and Carmine together, and the two men had found out quickly that she had a pretty strong voyeurism kink. It worked for them and it worked for her. They were enjoying discovering all the ins and outs of their dynamics. The three of them were good together physically, dynamically, and most importantly, emotionally.

Carmine knew that though the healing wand may have fixed both he and Joey's bodies, only time would heal the emotional scars all three of them bore, but as he crooked a finger to Katie and pulled her in for a teasing kiss, he realized that the three of them were well on their way already.


Every base has urban legends about scenes taken too far and submissives maimed or killed, most are simply myth, made up of half-baked truths and dark fantasies. Some however, are based in fact, and are horrific beyond reason and some would say for those involved, beyond bearing. When the stories are shared over beers or in harsh whispers in the locker room, few would ever hope to meet a survivor from one of those dark tales. Little do those storytellers know, but those survivors exist, and they walk among them...

...sometimes being the happiest and most beloved submissives around, because after all, time, and love, heals.


the end.

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Tags: cat:bdsm, cat:drama, cat:family, cat:friendship, cat:romance, fandom:stargate_atlantis, multipart fic:time heals, rating:nc-17
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