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fic- "Unexpected Family" (NCIS, rated G, het) - sequel to "Unexpected Happiness"

Title: Unexpected Family
Author: CJ aka WritinginCT
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Melanie Burke
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of off-screen child abuse (non-sexual)
Categories: Family, drama, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own the recognizable characters I'm just inspired by them.
Note: Sequel to Unexpected Happiness

Summary: Tony had thought he had used up all his unexpected surprises on his daughter four years ago, but fate decided to spring a few more on him.

Status: Complete 09/20/15 12k words

Note: I started writing this long before we actually met Tony's father onscreen. I know that Senior's business type in my fic doesn't exactly match canon but I decided to leave it alone as it's only briefly mentioned here. What is a funny coincidence is that I had used the name Karen as Senior's latest wife in the story, which turned out to be canon. The only adjustment to make this fit the onscreen DiNozzo canon I made was to incorporate Senior's use of “Junior” in place of Tony when he talks to his son. Also, I really fell in love with the interaction between Tony and Lt. Commander Burke in Engaged (pts I & II) and decided to bring her into this storyline as a love interest for single-father Tony. -CJ


Unexpected Family (on AO3)

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fic- "For Definitions of Happy" (NC-17, SGA, John Sheppard/Jeannie Miller, complete)

ts Ellison

NaNoWriMo 2012 - "Mate To His Soul" Master Post

So NaNoWriMo is upon us and I'm delving into a new-to-me fandom- "The Sentinel".  I will be posting a section a day as I write.

Title: Mate To His Soul
Author: CJ aka WritinginCT
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Rafe, Jim/Carolyn (briefly), Blair/F
Rating: R
Warnings: Adult situations (specifically abortion)
Categories: Drama, angst, hurt/comfort, romance, family, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own the recognizable characters I'm just inspired by them.

Summary:  Jim survived something that would have killed most Sentinels, an intentional hurt from the person whom he should have been able to trust the most. Though he survived, Jim was forced to accept the loss of his Sentinel senses. When his senses start to return in the middle of an investigation it will take a quirky Shaman from the university to help Jim regain control over his senses as well as putting him on the spiritual path that will allow him to trust again and accept the Guide that should have been his all along.

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Parts: (posted to Archive of Our Own) 




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written a couple of short things... (SGA, Highlander)

I've written a couple of short pieces as I take breaks from writing my thesis.  Got them up on Ao3

Five Times John Sheppard Saw It Coming
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, John Sheppard/varios females
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Categories: Character Study
Summary: Five times John Sheppard saw it coming
Status: Complete 7/8/12   938 words

A Regret So Deep
Fandom: Highlander: The Series
Pairing: Methos/Cassandra
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Categories: Drama, Episode Related: Comes A Horseman, Revelation 6:8
Summary: After the events in Bordeaux, Methos and Cassandra have a long overdue conversation
Status: Complete 7/11/2012  1595 words

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Just me :)

So life has just been insane.  I haven't done much fanfic writing since "Time Heals" -mainly because I really fell out of love with the fandoms I had been writing in ::glares at you NCIS and Stargate SG-1/SGA::

But I've been busy outside of fandom.  I'm taking incredible course loads at school and doing well at it.  And I've written four movie length scripts (one of which might actually be sold!!).

I said goodbye to my twelve-year old furbaby in January (my older boxer), she got to the point where she couldn't walk any more at all and it was just her time.  In February we adopted a three-year old French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux aka Hooch from the movie Turner and Hooch).  She's gorgeous and is the goofiest thing- I love her to pieces.

I have recently discovered a new-to-me fandom- The Sentinel.  I have fallen ass over teakettle into this show.  I love the canon, for which I am on my third run through of the episodes.  I love the fanfic and have devoured SO much good and bad fic in the past couple of months it's incredible.  I have discovered that my top ten "hottest male characters ever" list has a new member- Jim Elllison.  Wow is all I'm gonna say, just wow.  He might even take over the number one spot on that list, sorry John Sheppard.  My muse is apparently impressed by Jim as well and I'm about 23k words into a Sentinel fanfic (it's going to be a ginormous fic when it's done that has a more rare Sentinel pairing:  Jim/Rafe.  lmao- it'll be another one of those fics that I write that no one reads!).

Anyway just wanted to pop in and say hi!


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Hello Saturday!

It's been quite a couple of weeks- in a good way!

I picked up my new used car back on the 30th.  It's a 2003 Subaru Legacy station wagon.  And it. is. awesome.  It is fully loaded!  Wood interior, two electric moon roofs, electric windows, et cetera.  The only thing I was unsure of at first is that it's a standard transmission.  I haven't driven a standard in 15 years!  lol!  But it's like riding a bike and it all came back instantly.  We ended up with a car payment, there just weren't any vehicles out there for what the insurance company gave me for my old car, but the payment is manageable.  I've always had little cars, but I told my husband that I wanted something a little bigger as I'm the one doing the grocery getting and dog-chauffeuring, especially since he wants to get a mastiff!  We had looked at a bunch of small SUVs but they are just not me.  This little station wagon is perfect.  Squee!

Still no word on my financial aid for the fall semester.  I'm so pissed about that.  I've watched as two of the classes I had wanted to take in the fall have already filled and closed.  Now of course everyone in the FA office is on vacation this week.  :|  I am SO going to be a nag next week- they have NO idea.

My long-lost aunt and her ::cough:: "housemate" are coming up the second week of August.  I'm psyched about that.  Although I am doing a mad housecleaning because I know my wench of a mother (you know I luv you mamma) is going to insist on bringing them up here to my house.  o.O  I really do wish my aunt would at the very least come out to me, even if she doesn't want to be out to the entire family.  I feel bad that she think she needs to hide it.  She knows that I am a very staunch supporter of equality and LGBT/human rights and that my own sexuality is not strictly heterosexual.  Maybe she will tell me on this trip when her other half is with her?  We'll see.

I had an appointment on Wednesday to bring in my old boxer to have her put to sleep, my husband and I had reached the tough decision that it was finally her time.  I love my vet, I truly do.  He listened to everything and said that given her age (11.5) that he wouldn't hesitate to put her to sleep if that was what we wanted, but he gave her a complete physical and gave me some other options.  He's running an inexpensive blood test and urinalysis to check for thyroid problems which could be causing bunch of her symptoms.  He also found that she had minor dual ear infections (not noticable unless you used a scope in her ears).  So he gave us amoxicillin, ear drops, and some Xanax (to help keep her from getting up every hour on the hour at night).  He said she's in great shape and health overall and he really thinks that she's got another year in her.  So we're giving it a shot.  The Xanax is a dream come true, one little pill at bedtime and there no more pacing and crying for things constantly at night.  The antibiotics seem to be helping too, she's a little friskier than she has been in a while.  I feel bad that  I didn't know her ears were bothering her, but she doesn't paw at them or shake her head or anything, so there was no way to know.  Once he has the bloodwork back the vet is going to let us know on the thyroid front, and also prescribe some sort of arthritis pain med.  Life is good in the boxer universe :)

The response to my newest fic, Time Heals, has been absolutely, positively overwhelming.  Thanks to everyone who has commmented or emailed me!  I admit I was a little nervous in putting that one out there knowing how much people adore keiramarcos's Ties That Bind series.  To have it be so well received was just wonderful!  Thank you all!

That's about it for now -