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fic- "She's Finally Safe and Sound" NCIS/Stargate SG-1 part 1

Title: She's Finally Safe and Sound
Author: CJ aka WritinginCT
Fandom: NCIS/Stargate
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Sam/Tony, Gibbs/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse, Set during Daniel's ascension (and return)
Categories: Drama, angst, h/c, romance, AU
Feedback: Love it? Hate it?
Disclaimer: I don’t own the recognizable characters I’m just inspired by them. Hopefully they’ve had fun playing in my sandbox.
Summary: An abused little girl is found by NCIS, the surprise revelation of who her father is brings a still grieving SG-1 to Washington to claim her.
Status: WIP
A/N: In this AU, we're starting out in SG-1 season 6 and NCIS season 2 (I know the mash up isn't exact, but it IS an AU so please bear with me). And in this AU Daniel did not spend a year on Abydos married to Sha're.


Daniel kept feeling a pull, like something in his peripheral vision, that niggled and nagged at him every time he visited Earth. At first he thought it was his SG-1 teammates. But that wasn't it. He visited them unaware often, just to check up on them. Jack especially. The pain of leaving Jack cut through him like a razor. But even that wasn't what was pulling him.

Finally he just gave in to the pull and let it drag him where it may. It turned out to be Washington, D.C. that was calling him. And as he floated here and there he thought about the last time he had been in Washington for fun. It had been for a symposium at the Smithsonian. He smiled, remembering both the symposium and the beautiful Georgetown student named Elizabeth that he had ended up spending the weekend with. But that was before his credibility was in tatters, before the Stargate program, before Jack, and before he ascended. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

The pull was stronger now and he found himself in a violent part of town, this weird radar of his pulling him towards a dirty, run-down tenement building. Inside he went, the despair and desperation rolling off the residents in waves. A particular apartment called to him and he went inside. The place was filthy, and there were used needles and drug paraphernalia all around. He heard the sounds of sex and focused his attention to a bed tucked in the corner of what was supposed to be the living room. His shock and surprise knew no bounds; it was Elizabeth, the Georgetown student he had met almost six years ago. But how she had changed. Dirty and beragged, he could see the track marks on her arms. And moments after the man grunted on top of her, he climbed out of the bed and threw a packet of white powder on the nightstand. She was prostituting herself for drugs.

Although there was a pull towards her, he found himself instead strongly drawn down the hallway to a closed door. His heart broke the minute he entered the room. For there, trying to hide in a corner was a little girl with her face tucked against her bent knees, and hands over her ears so she didn't have to hear what was going on in the other room.

She was tiny, so very tiny, Daniel thought, about five years old or so. And dirty, and skinny. And he just wanted to scoop her up and take her someplace safe. But just when he thought he couldn't be anymore surprised, the little girl lifted her head and he found himself staring at his own eyes. Eyes haunted by things no child should ever have seen.

The realization sent him reeling. He had a daughter.

He had to get her out of here. But how? The others absolutely would not let him interfere. Even for his own daughter.


As fate would have it, he didn't have to get her out of there. Circumstance managed it for him.


“Grab your gear. We've got a report of a dead sailor.” Gibbs barked out as he slipped his Sig on his belt and grabbed the coffee off his desk. Tony, Kate, and McGee were quick to follow him to the elevator.

As they pulled up to the apartment house that had seen better days, Tony said, “Rough part of town, Boss. Any word on why our sailor was here?”

“According to the uniforms, the woman whose apartment he was found in is a known prostitute.”

“Ahh.” was Tony's only reply.

They entered the filthy apartment to find their dead sailor, still in uniform, along with a dead woman whose clothing and makeup suggest that she was the prostitute the local police had made mention of previously. Both had been shot by a small caliber weapon, for reasons unknown.

They all surveyed the scene with distaste and Gibbs ordered, “Tony, you take the far rooms. Kate, photos. McGee, measure and sketch. And everybody be careful. There are needles everywhere. Got it?”

Tony shook his head somberly; this wasn't his first time in a place like this. He headed for the far room to start looking for evidence. He noted the lock on the outside of the bedroom door which made the hairs on his neck stand up a little. He unconsciously had his hand on his weapon as he entered the room. It was just as filthy as the rest of the apartment. A bare mattress on the floor in the corner the only furniture. The smell of excrement and urine assaulted his nose. What disturbed him the most was that there were children's toys in the room, and dirty plastic plates and cups. He sent up a silent prayer that he was wrong, but he suspected that a child had been locked in this room. His stomach churned from the smell and the horrific thought as he looked around. He didn't see anything useful in the room itself and gently opened the closet.

The local police had cleared the apartment so Tony wasn't expecting to find anyone in the closet. And at first glance all he saw was a huge mound of disgusting laundry and bric a brac. But he did see a worn stuffed rabbit on the outside of the pile that seemed out of place. He didn't think twice about it really, and turned to go back to the living room when an errant breeze seemed to blow past him and it ruffled the fur on the rabbit. For some reason Tony felt compelled to stoop down and pick up the rabbit. And when he did he heard a muffled sob coming from the pile of laundry.

Tony was not a particularly devout man, but he sent up another silent prayer, hoping against hope that he was wrong. But when he looked towards the pile he spied a peep hole where a little pair of terrified blue eyes were watching him. He tried to put a calm comforting look on his face and said softly, “Hi, my name's Tony. I'm a policeman. What's your name?”

When he didn't get an answer he asked, “Is this your bunny? What's his name?”

The silence from the pile screamed volumes to Tony about how afraid the child hiding was, so he sat down cross legged and had a talk with the rabbit, “You are really a good looking rabbit. That blue fur and long ears, I bet you're Bugs Bunny's brother.” He rambled on and on, hoping to coax the child out. Another odd breeze blew through and Tony could swear he heard someone say, “Its okay. Go with him.”

A moment later a dirty little girl launched out of the pile to cling to Tony and not let go.

He managed to discern that the child was in fact a little girl with gritty, long, sandy brown hair. She had wrapped her little arms around his neck tightly and he could feel her shaking in fear. He gently stroked her back and whispered, “You're gonna be okay now. I promise. Everything's gonna be okay.”

He managed to make it to his feet with her still attached to his neck, her little face tucked between his collar shirt and his skin; he could feel her button nose butting up against him and her warm breath. He had the forethought to grab the stuffed rabbit and he walked out into the hallway. Gibbs saw him and quickly went to Tony's side.

Gibbs asked quietly, “Hey, who's your friend Tony?”

Tony replied lightly, “I don't know, Boss, she was hiding in the closet.”

“Why don't you let me take her, get her out of here?.”

The little bundle in Tony's arms whimpered and squeezed tighter. “Might be better if I take her out, Boss.”

“Yeah.” Gibbs shrugged off his NCIS windbreaker and draped it over the girl, hoping to shield her from the view in the living room.

Tony quickly exited the apartment and made his way down to the NCIS van. Gibbs flipped open his phone and called dispatch, asking to have Child Services sent out immediately along with an ambulance.


Chapter List for "She's Finally Safe and Sound"

edited to remove beta information
Tags: cat:crossover, cat:hurt/comfort, char:daniel_jackson, char:jack_o'neill, char:jethro_gibbs, char:samantha_carter, char:tony_dinozzo, fandom:ncis, fandom:stargate_sg-1, multipart fic:she's finally safe and sou, pairing:jack_o'neill/daniel_jackson, pairing:jethro_gibbs/female, pairing:tony_dinozzo/samantha_carter

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