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writinginct's Journal

CJ aka WritinginCT
2 November 1971


I'm generally found under WritinginCT or CJ aka WritinginCT.

I'm 38/F/married. No kids unless you count the husband and our pair of goofy boxers. I live in Connecticut, USA.

I believe very strongly in human rights, equality, and tolerance.

I read/write/like all types of fiction (both fan and original)- hetero, slash, and polyamorous. I like BSDM work, with the caveat that it needs to be well written and believable. My squick factor tends to be very high and I can read just about anything as long as it doesn't involve children or RPF (real person fiction). I love the vampire genre, in all its glorious varieties, especially as it relates to male/male interactions and sex.

My favorite fandoms are NCIS, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Torchwood and dueSouth. And I've been getting more into JAG, CSI, CSI Miami, and Queer As Folk (US). I don't necessarily believe in the "one true pairing" philosophy. Things can get way too boring that way (although I will admit to being a diehard Jack/Sam and Tony/Ziva on screen shipper- but in fic the sky's the limit).

I have chronic insomnia and a coffee addiction that rivals Gibbs, and no, the two aren't related lol.

I love getting feedback on my work. Good, bad, love it, hate it, and the occasional OMFG all feeds my muse and I appreciate it.

So that's me. Hi!


Oh, I guess I should mention- as far as friending goes- I welcome new friends of all shapes and sizes, whether we have a ton of stuff in common or not. I friend just about everyone back in return, I feel it's how you get to know people. That being said, I treat people with a certain level of courtesy and respect and I expect that same level of courtesy and respect in return. I reserve the right to defriend anyone that blatantly violates that in regards to me personally or anyone else. We choose the people that we wish to be associated with, and I will not associate myself with anyone that is purposely disrespectful or discourteous. ~CJ